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Russia - By far the largest country in the world, Russia is almost twice as large as Canada, the second largest country. A train trip between Moscow in the west and Vladivostok in the east takes seven days and passes through eight time zones, covering a good portion of Europe and stretching the entire width of Asia.

It's great size also results in Russia having an extremely diverse range of climates. The tundra lies in the northernmost part of Russia. It is largely a treeless plain with short summers and long, severe winters. About half the region has permanently frozen soil called permafrost, but the arctic-style environment adds untold beauty to those that can appreciate it. Dwarf trees dot the landscape and reindeer, arctic foxes and waterfowl frequent the region.

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South of the tundra lies an immense forest plain with mixes of a variety of beautiful trees, providing shelter to a wide variety of wildlife.

Between the northern forest plain and the mountains at the southernmost border are Russia's fertile wide open prairies and lush meadows.

So, depending on your tastes, you can brave the arctic weather of northern Siberia or explore the warmer grassy plains across Russia's midsection. You can experience the rugged coast along the arctic ocean or bask in the sun along the Caspian Sea's sandy beaches.

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